CH-AI Safety

Published on 2023-06-11 by Spencer Peters

I'm going to the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) annual workshop in Asilomar for the second time this weekend! I'm not quite sure how I ...

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NYU Visit

Published on 2023-02-23 by Spencer Peters

Last night, arrived in NYC by bus, met my friend Benjamin Chan for Indian food around 9pm. Decamped to his place at "the House" on ...

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Existential Musings

Published on 2022-08-17 by Spencer Peters

I had to write a little bit after reading some Scott Alexander . Even Mr. Everyman Reasonable Rationalist thinks 2100 isn't a real year. It's ...

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Why Emacs

Published on 2022-07-03 by Spencer Peters

Emacs looks like a normal text editor with some remarkable features, like highly configurable keyboard shortcuts. But Emacs is really just a couple of core ...

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An Ode to Incremental Growth

Published on 2022-05-17 by Spencer Peters

Good writing is bad writing that's been rewritten. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Over time, flowing water carves the ...

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Random Friends

Published on 2021-06-18 by Spencer Peters

In this global world, it's easy to lose track of even the closest of friends. But there is no excuse for a "See you in ...

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Solving Problems Right

Published on 2020-11-09 by Spencer Peters

The world runs on things that work only well enough. The internet in my house works, most of the time. Management bonuses usually encourage productivity ...

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Sense of Danger

Published on 2019-04-28 by Spencer Peters

I was wrestling with my good friend and housemate B--an enthusiastic Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner--yesterday. The experience was incredibly mentally and physically exhausting. The source of ...

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Naked Eval

Published on 2019-04-20 by Spencer Peters

People with social anxiety (including certain intervals of past Spencer) sometimes seem to take what others say as a face-value, unfiltered critique. A common motivation ...

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First (Past the) Post

Published on 2019-04-13 by Spencer Peters

Today* I embark on the long-planned 30 minute writing project! The rules of the game are very simple: write for 30 minutes a day in ...

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New Philosophy Beta Release

Published on 2017-12-25 by Spencer Peters

This year was an interesting year. Nearing graduation, I've had to give reality a clear-eyed look; and being a bit of a natural idealist I ...

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