Hi, I'm Spencer. I'm a fifth-year CS PhD candidate at Cornell University.

My current research interests are in theoretical cryptography, particularly lattice-based cryptography and lattice algorithms, but in the past I've also worked on learning theory and causality projects. I'm extremely fortunate to be advised by Noah Stephens-Davidowitz.

Outside of research, I play ultimate frisbee for Cornell, and I'm playing the long game with progressive bodyweight training and meditation. I also like to write code.

In past lives, I studied computer science and physics at the University of Washington, and had several eye-opening internships: two with Microsoft's Quantum Architectures and Computing group, and a summer at Jane Street Capital.

Email me at spencer "at" spencerpeters.io, or ping me on Twitter (@spencerjpeters).

Fresh off the Blog: CH-AI Safety

Published on 2023-06-11 by Spencer Peters

I'm going to the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) annual workshop in Asilomar for the second time this weekend! I'm not quite sure how I ...

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