Existential Musings

Published on 2022-08-17 by Spencer Peters

I had to write a little bit after reading some Scott Alexander. Even Mr. Everyman Reasonable Rationalist thinks 2100 isn't a real year.

It's not productive for me to think about existential risk. But, it keeps popping up in the periphery of my vision, like ominous foreshadowing from the simulation designers. Whether you find it plausible or not, enjoy some dark musings.

Scott Alexander thinks that "2100 isn't a real year".
Because of technological singularity, probably AI.
Scott Alexander believes this.
Thinking about this is a black hole for my mind.
Even as I try to be myself among others, and connect with them directly--
These thoughts are a gap I can never bridge with them.
All things return to the Tao, and are replenished, said Lao-tzu

But have you seen a nature documentary?
Reality is not loving or gentle;
All of us had parasitic worms a few thousand years ago
Our niche atop the food chain now may seem comfortable
But it is anything but stable; predation and parasitism are everywhere
And we're not the only ones that expand to carrying capacity
We're used to a couple fishes in a bowl, or a cat in our lap
But in Nature there are billions of anchovies in a swarm
It looks more like economics than ecology
If we lose our market share
No naturalists will be left to advocate for us

Scott Alexander thinks that 2100 isn't a real year.
Metaculus thinks we will have AGI by 2039.
I hope the claim loses market share
I guess I can wait and see.
If it's true, I could do worse than amass resources and credibility
And I could do better than to agonize aimlessly

Am I the protagonist of this simulation?
What a strange story it is.
I guess I can wait and see.